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Spring Saturday

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I admit it: I haven’t posted in a while. Had a crisis of blog-confidence; didn’t feel like making the effort. Maybe now that spring is sort of here, I’ll perk up again.

Locally speaking, Asheville is well known for its Friday night drum circle in Pritchard Park. Show up with a drum, you’ve got instant friends. Show up with a hula hoop, ankle-length skirt and dreadlocks, you’ve got instant friends. Show up with a dog that’s wearing a hemp collar you wove yourself…instant friends. Show up with the police and a noise complaint because the drum circle is audible inside your high dollar condo overlooking the park…not so many friends.

Question: why did you spend a fortune on a condo overlooking a city park–one that’s known to attract things like drum circles–if you didn’t want to see and hear what happens there? Do your homework before committing, or you’ll end up fuming while others do their hempwork. (They’ll be fuming, too, but in an entirely different context.)


About ltbrwnhare

A real Ashevillain, from the fabled town of Asheville, NC. There aren't too many of us "from here" any more, but don't ask about the secret handshake. Few people know I blog; they think I work for corporate America. I do. Both. There's probably a secret handshake for that, too. You can think of me as a "locavore," if you like: someone who consumes local food and culture. I'm not just local, though--I like finding out interesting stuff from all over the place, traveling, tasting, reading, writing fiction (actually, I write non-fiction--I just don't let my family read it and get mad at me for spilling the beans. There are some pretty funky beans to spill, sometimes, but that's just a fact of life in the South...), and lots of other things. If I think of them, maybe I'll blog about them.

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