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Not So Springy…

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Just a quick post–woke up to a 36-degree morning and a freeze warning for tonight. How can it be spring, and be this chilly?  Easy–it’s the mountains of Western North Carolina!

Our final frost date is around May 15, but locavores know better. Remember the year when Mt. Pisgah got 60″ of snow in May? It was spring then, too.  I *almost* put my boots away this past weekend (sunny and 74 degrees at my house), but came to my senses. My new pedicure is still ensconced in socks, and likely to remain so for days to come…

Remember, if it’s Asheville, all weather bets are off. You have to dress “in the moment” rather than by last night’s prediction, and layering is the key to success. It may even be the secret to life, but I’ll save that thought for another (warmer) day!


About ltbrwnhare

A real Ashevillain, from the fabled town of Asheville, NC. There aren't too many of us "from here" any more, but don't ask about the secret handshake. Few people know I blog; they think I work for corporate America. I do. Both. There's probably a secret handshake for that, too. You can think of me as a "locavore," if you like: someone who consumes local food and culture. I'm not just local, though--I like finding out interesting stuff from all over the place, traveling, tasting, reading, writing fiction (actually, I write non-fiction--I just don't let my family read it and get mad at me for spilling the beans. There are some pretty funky beans to spill, sometimes, but that's just a fact of life in the South...), and lots of other things. If I think of them, maybe I'll blog about them.

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  1. Sounds like Flagstaff. Aspen had a snow day MAY 13th!!! My parents came from MN to Phx. It was 108 one day and 63 the next – warmer in MN then there. Nothing like Global Warming!!!


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