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So…I’m having my permanent makeup touched up on Wednesday. It’s been a couple of years and I’ve had a little fading (absolutely normal and to be expected–especially with facial tattoos since they’re exposed to sunlight so much of the time) and I *think* I’m ready to go a little darker now. I’ll either be under the topical numbing influence of LMX4 (a numbing cream with 4% lidocaine) from The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy on Merrimon Avenue–they were nice enough to order it for me–or LMX5 (the new 5% lidocaine version of the cream) if it arrives in time from

I’ll post my experience as soon as I’m done, and I may even twitter about it when I come up for air, so to speak. (If you’re not already twittering, visit and start tweeting–it’s fun and it’s challenging to restrict yourself to a 140-character report at any given moment.) 

I’m looking forward to visiting Earleen’s new studio and seeing how the process may have changed in the past couple of years. I’m hoping my new motto will be “no pain with lidocaine!”


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A real Ashevillain, from the fabled town of Asheville, NC. There aren't too many of us "from here" any more, but don't ask about the secret handshake. Few people know I blog; they think I work for corporate America. I do. Both. There's probably a secret handshake for that, too. You can think of me as a "locavore," if you like: someone who consumes local food and culture. I'm not just local, though--I like finding out interesting stuff from all over the place, traveling, tasting, reading, writing fiction (actually, I write non-fiction--I just don't let my family read it and get mad at me for spilling the beans. There are some pretty funky beans to spill, sometimes, but that's just a fact of life in the South...), and lots of other things. If I think of them, maybe I'll blog about them.

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  1. are you affraid of the pain?, i got a tattoo done on my vacation in mexico, i guess for a guy its permanent makeup, hahaha……., the price was cheap but the pain was pretty heavy. anyhow, i didn’t finish it the way way i wanted it. then when i returned to canada after a month, i got the rest done and the tatoo artist used some kind of anesthetic called Dr. Numb and i didnt feel anything. it cost me about 40 dollars canadian. the website where i got it was dr. numb


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