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The Maine Thing (wrapped up)

View of Casco Bay from Portland's Eastern Promenade

View of Casco Bay from Portland

Wow–got so busy for the last couple of weeks that I couldn’t finish describing my trip to Maine…

Stuck a little closer to Portland for the last half of my trip. Went south to Wells and ate lunch at Billy’s Chowder House. Delicious…although it was the first time I ever ate “anatomically correct” clams (i.e. belly clams) and found their syphons a little disconcerting, to say the least!

Billy's Chowder House; Wells, ME.

Billy's Chowder House

Went on to visit the new  Cabela’s store in Scarborough; loved their taxidermic displays of animals in different habitats, including the following prairie dogs (notice the backside of one disappearing into its burrow!):

Prairie dog display at Cabela's (Wells, Maine)

Prairie dog display at Cabela's (Scarborough, ME)

On through Ogunquit and  Old Orchard Beach; beautiful little towns, and not too crowded this time of year (in between summer sunbathers and fall leaf-lookers). Drove to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and walked around the downtown area for a while.  I love the old bridge over the Pisquata River and wished I was hungry enough to justify eating at Portsmouth Gaslight Pizza, which has a lovely wood-fired oven pizza menu that I’ve enjoyed on other trips.

As for the rest of the trip, it was lots of “gomming and yowing” (that’s Southern for eating and talking) and hanging out with my friend. I caught up on my reading (Dombey & Son by Charles Dickens, which was fabulous and made me weep at the death of little Paul Dombey and the subsequent harsh treatment of Flora Dombey by her father); caught up on some videos (No Country For Old Men and Juno); and had dinner at Fore Street, which has become a tradition when I visit Portland. Very simple, open interior features the entire kitchen at a glance, and everyone’s food looks and smells heavenly as it’s carried by your table.

Wrapped up my visit with a quick trip through the beautiful neighborhoods around the Eastern Prom(enade), then off to the Portland airport, through Detroit, and back into Asheville. A truly wonderful week, as the following photographic evidence supports:

Belted Galloway steer near Wells, Maine

Belted Galloway steer near Wells, Maine

Fresh Brussel sprouts on display

Fresh Brussel sprouts on display

Giant LL Bean boot (Portland, ME)

Giant LL Bean boot (Portland, ME)


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